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    • COXO Clean 60 Ultrasonik Temizleme Cihazı Isıtmalı

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      • Higher cleaning power - 2 industrial grade ultrasonic transducers (2x70 W=140W). 2 ceramic heaters (2x80W =160W)
      • Large 6 Liters (1.58 gallon) stainless steel (SU304) tank
      • Tank size: 12.8" x 8.0" x 3.9". The longest item which can fit in is 13.4
      • 2 Color LED display. 1-30 minutes full range timer for ultrasonic cleaning
      • 5 heating temperature settings from 40 degree C (104F) to 60 degree C (140F)
      • Drains with flow control valve and hose for easy cleaning and rinsing.
      • A basket is included in this package
      • Easy to read digital timer
      This new generation Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner system adopted some industrial parts and usage range has also been expanded which in turn allows working in longer time frame even on damp area or environment. It uses the process of "cavitation" in cleaning items which is more efficient and have much shorter cleaning time. It also uses digital program to control the unit, according to the quantity and condition of the items to be cleaned. You can choose freely different working cycles to enhance cleaning efficiency and makes it easy to operate. It comes with a removable mesh tray to prevent the transducers and/or reduce cavitation to be damaged as well as positioning the item within the optimal cleaning zone of the tank.
      Cleaning Applications:

      Watches & Clockware
      Air brushes, Spray Guns
      Archival Papers
      Automotive & Aviation Components
      Calligraphic Pens
      Computer Plotter Pens
      Dental & Surgical Instrument
      Dentist Burrs
      Fuel Injectors
      Geological & Metallurgical Specimens
      Hypodermic Needles
      Ink Jet Cartridges
      Laboratory Glassware & Apparatus
      Lenses, other Optical Components
      Metal/Fibre Filters
      Metal/Rubber Seals
      Microelectronic Circuits & Small Components
      Moulding Dies
      Nozzles & Sieves
      Printed Circuit Boards
      Production Line Cleaning
      Scientific & Industrial Instruments
      Spectacle Frames


      - Frequency: 35,000 HZ
      - Power Supply: AC 100-120V 60 HZ
      - Tank: Capacity 6 Liter (1.59 gallon)
      - Tank Size: 12.7" (L) x 8.1" (W) x 3.9" (H)
      - Cycles: 1 to 30 minutes timer
      - Heater: 160 Watts
      - Tank Material: Stainless Steel SUS304
      - Unit Size: 20.3" (L) x 12" (W) x 9.4" (H).
      - Include detailed operation guide.
      - Brand new in factory sealed box.
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